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Tour Leesburg

Tour Leesburg with Historic Leesburg Walking Tours and see the richness in this historic town. Established in 1758, the town spans several centuries and the diversity of architecture reflects that. See the rustic, frontier type architecture that existed in the late 18th century, as well as other 19th and 20th century historic homes. Learn about the history and lore as you tour these gems of Leesburg.

The tour is enligtening, but it is also fun! Imagine the town as it was when Robert E. Lee passed through during the Civil War. After injuring his hand he was treated at Harrison Hall, where he met with other Confederate Generals to plan the daring invasion of Maryland. That's right! The council of war meeting took place right here in this town.

The tour with Historic Leesburg Walking Tours involves about a mile of walking as we visit over a dozen sites. It's all outdoors, and we move along as there is so much to see we wouldn't want to linger in any one place.

Something for Everyone

Tour Leesburg with an experienced guide who knows how to be inclusive and appeal to all types of audiences. It's family friendly. Check out the reviews and see the great customer feedback for Historic Leesburg Walking Tours.

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