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Guided Tour of Historic Leesburg

Looking for something novel to do? Whether you're from the Leesburg area or out of town, take a private guided walking tour of historic Leesburg. There is so much to learn about this quaint town. Leesburg was founded in 1758, so its rich history spans several centuries. See examples of houses from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Learn about what happened during the War of 1812--especially in 1814 when British forces were advancing upon Washington, D.C. and key federal documents were moved to Leesburg for safekeeping. See the house where a crucial strategy meeting to plan the daring invasion of Maryland took place.

Take in the wide variety of architectural styles, including Classical, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, Romanesque Revival, and Federal, among others. See great examples of 19th and 20th century commercial architecture. See the Episcopal church that houses gorgeous stained glass windows, including two Tiffany masterpieces. That's right!

Hear about one of the great social events in Leesburg history--the visit by the General Marquis de Lafayette in 1825. The General had long since returned to France. He was asked to return to the United States to help celebrate the 50th anniversary. Accompanied by President John Quincy Adams and former President James Monroe, General Lafayette stopped in Leesburg where he was honored with a grand banquet on the grounds of the Courthouse. The town was greatly honored by his visit, and came out in throngs to greet him. See the house where the mayor of Leesburg at the time gave the welcoming address, and the tavern where the food was prepared for the banquet.

This tour is appropriate for people of all ages. It's family friendly. It's also a great team building event. Learn something new, and have some fun at the same time. The tour is all outdoors, about a mile of walking and 80 minutes in length. Book your guided tour of historic Leesburg now!

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