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Touring Historic Leesburg in the Summer

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Touring historic Leesburg in the summer is an ideal time. Yes, it stays light well into the evening. Importantly, the restaurant and bar scene are phenomenal! So you can learn about the history of Leesburg, and then you can go for a drink, have dinner, and hear live music. All in an afternoon/evening!

You can schedule a tour time that best suits your schedule. You may want to have a leisurely breakfast, and then take the tour afterwards. Or, you can start the tour at 11 am, finish by 12:30 pm, and have lunch at one of the many wonderful restaurants in Leesburg. Some favorites are Shoes Cup & Cork--which is on the tour, so you'll know the history--or Cowbell Kitchen, the Oyster Bar, or the Wine Kitchen. You may decide to do the tour at 3 pm, which means you'll finish at 4:30 pm, just in time for cocktails! A great place to go for drinks on King Street is Side Bar or Tarbender's Lounge, which is an actual speak easy. Both are on the tour route, so you'll get to check them out.

So make your plans! Make "touring historic Leesburg in the summer" a priority. Learn about the history, architecture, and lore of historic Leesburg, and then indulge your taste buds at one of the wonderful eating establishments in town. You will glean new insight into Virginia history, see and learn about some wonderful architecture, and have a great time. Promise!

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